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Start it yourself !!

Many times we rely on external factors like money,resouces,words of appraisal form others to stay motivated .The biggest question is what if no one cares to do any of the above mentioned for you? External factors have a role to play in motivation but true motivation begins from the inner self and is complemeted by external factors times you don`t need external factors.As such you need to appraise yourself for the positive you do nomatter how small a task you have done.This usually gives one an inner sweet feeling of success.So we dont need to achieve big in order to be motivated,instead motivation should be a daily process.Start by doing good things were you are and give room for new challenges.Remember to reward and appraise yourself for your efforts.

Just do it !!

The most frustrated people are those who have never tried,for cowards die many times before they die but the valient die once .Remember to try in life for success is measured basing on how many tries you have turned into triumphs.Failure is measured according to how many times you have not done anything at all!!.Stay motivated for greatness