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The power of motivation

The power of motivation is the positive feeling that we give to others ,that jump- starter ,that push ,that support,that understanding,that voice that says to someone :"Yes you can do it " makes a difference on a daily basis .The power of what we say to others has the potential of nurturing great leaders or to totally destroy them ,for indeed there is power in what we say .As such a good leaders have the ability to motivate ,to acknowledge and appraise good perfomance that is  done by others Motivation is spiritual and leadership is viral.Motivation is not a new subject but an old theory which is still practical and relevant in both leadership and management today,tomorrow and in the future.Stay motivated!!


I have got joy deep in my heart
Up in my mind
Down in my feet
I feel good
I feel sweet
There is no sweat ,,
There is no threat Am motivated
Reignited and rejuvinated
What a feeling!!

Queen of my heart

I love you my wife Mary You are so beautiful as Hallie Berry Your voice surpasses that of Kerry Perry Your structure is curvery like a Blackberry Oh you my love You are so hot like Periperi When we got married you made me merry My wife Mary

Where is the love? VIDEO VERSION

Hour glass

"Again, again!" a voice echoed in my head "on 3 ok, 1-2-3" at that cue I felt electricity run through my body and I wished I could scream. The voice went on but slowly fading away, the beeps and the noises their shoes made too. Eventually it was totally silent and nothing made a sound.
Scared to open my eyes because I had no memory of what had happened last I heard voices. The more I heard the voices the more I got scared, then that beeping sound again, now a little irritating then the voices got louder and louder. Curiously I slowly opened my eyes with a soft groan to the light in my eyes.
Looking around I could tell I was in a theatre, four nurses and a doctor stood around a bed and the doctor's voice dominated the room with him giving orders. As the nurses rushed around I moved closer to get a good look at what was happening, though it seemed impossible for anyone to have missed me no one seemed to notice me. As I got closer to the bed fear gripped me and I fr…

FEAR ,NO FEAR! Move from a moaners and a groaners to movers and shakers

Fear kills more people than death .In order to have self motiavation  you need to acknowledge your fears.That you fear something is a first positive step towards setting your mind free for fear is truly and purely a mind game.You can overcome your fears,yes you can all you need is to take the next essential move   of practical action oriented.It is this action step that determines whether we challemge and change the way things are done or we just conform to situations and rot inside us in fear and our dreams are buried inside our hearts.As a  result we cheat the world of an important leadership gift and seed that is in us  .We can overcome our fears by  challenging the way things are done. Fear can be simple defined as: F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal As leaders we become effective when we first deal with our internal fears,for the world out there is built on fear of the unknown whilst success is based on tackling and coming face to face with what we have created for ourelves as fear.…

360 degree leaders

In leadership you dont to be in position in order to exert influence ,so that leading from were you are.For great leaders are able to initiate change and command a space of influnce