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Many a times people  make us feel like we are just but some 21st Century living version of Charles Dickens Oliver Twist .Always asking for more and never getting out of the poverty trap. This happens because we tend to live life focusing on the problems and challenges that come with it .When we are imprisoned by dire circumstances we lose confidence and behave more like desperate na├»ve individuals whose lives are just but like reeds shaken by the wind for fear closes our eyes, failure shuts us out from the world of success and poverty enslaves our minds .Open your eyes and you will realise that you have the potential to be respected like Oliver Mtukudzi (international icon and renowned Zimbabwean musician) and the power to be celebrated like Oliver Tambo (a South African liberation hero and a champion of democracy and equality ).The  are some many Oliver`s out there and all of us have the potential to be the best Oliver and this we can achieve by occupying time and space in other peop…

A humble break though to Motivational Speakers Africa

Bottom of Form
Njabulo Moyo – A Leadership and Motivational Speaker. Njabulois a young Zimbabwean motivational speaker aged 25. He was raised in the dusty and chaotic streets of Mzilikazi, right in the midst of the Okapi lifestyle by my single maternal grandmother. It was here that he emerged as a young man with a different vision. A vision to inspire and to help people see opportunities in challenges. Today he shares this vision with the world. Having come from a fairly middle class background, his life history is filled with emotional scars, marks and tracks of gloominess and challenges, ranging from that of being orphaned at a tender age of five, which resulted in him struggling to get finances for his studies and the general up keep in the extended family. However, he did not allow his background to hinder his vision. He always wanted to have an impact on the lives of other people and having influence on those who do not yet know him.…