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Introducing Emily The Spiritual Motivator

Emily Magadu was born in 1994 in Zimbabwe. She did her primary education at Belvedere and high school at Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Christian college of Southern Africa. Emily grew up with her siblings and cousins who contributed to making her an out spoken person who has an independent mind set, a vision and a goal to care more for the people. She is a dreamer who is ready to take part in the inception of a great impact to change people’s lives. Her call is to strengthen, purify, motivate and lead through knowledge. Her dream is to read a history novel that states that poverty, oppression, gender inequality, unemployment was once considered as the world’s deadliest disease which has been cured. Looked at as a light house with wise words and advice Emily has mentored and awaken people in a spiritual and physical way. Living by the motto “I will speak till justice is served for breakfast" the young lady is here to serve you.    

The protector, the brave, the fighter, the hun…