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No greater love ..

When its cold outside
I am so warm inside
Though my heart has to decide
I know i need you by my side
For through all challenges you have taught me not to back slide..
You watch my back
Though people talk behind our backs
When am so lonely and cold inside 
Your words
Dress my heart with warmth  

"A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul"

"A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul".There is more to what we get after working passionately and effortlessly than when we deliberately  take short cuts.Many a times we are demotivated because we take short cuts,we cheat and pretend to be who we are not .We abuse other people`s names in order to advance our  own individual and personal interests.Now what happens when you finally get to the victory lap,when you are finally honored for what you do not deserve ? Well i know it depends on how much of a cheat and pretender you are but the truth is that you do not feel sweet inside but instead you sweat.Remember that before we are honored we have to be humble,we have to take the long route and avoid cheating .A simple Biblical instruction is as follows :  
                   "Humble yourself before the Lord  and he will lift you up "(James 4 verse 10)
Wisdom is found in those who take advice, likewise lets take this my advice seriously.Always take note that   "…


"There can be no overstating of the truth that all forms of tolerance and discrimination are born in the human mind ,and it is there that change is needed if tolerance is to be built and discrimination eliminated" (Abdelfattah Amor) .A change of mind, a change of attitude.When  you re-focus your mind ,you are able to channel your actions towards greatness.Some scholars even assert that sex is in the mind ,so when you indulge you are most probably putting into action a thought that has been there for some time .It all starts in the mind ,then it becomes a thought which matures and becomes a habit.Our habits are then turned into actions and actions determine who we are and what we become.Change your mind for the better. For the mind is the opium of every person`s actions and reality is indeed a state of mind .