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Gender What?

No to gender based violence,
No to victimization of women ,
Violence victimizes,
It vindicates ,

It is like a vehicle of emotional roller coasters
An act of animosity
A reflection national immorality

Why murder a women ?
Why bruise her face?
Deforming her beauty
burn her heart
Painting it with permanent scars
Dark spots of fear
Drown her in a flood of blood

Who are you to kill God`s creation?
Who are you to raise your shameless fist
To kick her like a soccer ball
Keep your balls to yourself
Unzipping your trousers
Raping and roping

You are such an imperfection
You man with no sense of pride
All you do is to ride on patriarch
Ride on women's weaknesses

Violence turns victims into perpetrators 
It breeds a brood of vipers

From Peace in the Home
We bring Peace in the World:
Challenging Militarism 
End Violence Against Women!



One of the greatest feelings a writer  performer or should I say an artist could ever get is that of getting verbal or written feedback. Yes at times it is a scary moment as people perform a medical operation of our work. Some base their points on what they have seen elsewhere whilst others bring forth their expectations versus our delivery. The past three months have seen me giving birth to two children .The first African Sketches a motivational poetry anthology and From Moaners and Groaners to Movers and Shakers, a motivational talk series. My twitter account has been flooded with twits together with Facebook messages. I take this opportunity to share with you some of the messages, i hope that the owners of the messages will not take offensively .I shall mention no names. I am sharing these messages because they have inspired me to soldier on and I believe they can also inspire you to see opportunities in challenges. The messages are not edited and are as follows:    
“enjoying your …

Colour blocking

Colour blind  Colour blocking  Green red  Yellow blue Straps and soles
We make them match  As we march on the streets 
Rainbow colours  Dressed in all colours  Clowns?
Beauty in confusion  Pictures of us in shiny suits Skinny jeans abstract colourful figures
G-strings String tops Pumps 
Back out  Guvhu out...