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Another mouth watering anthology

Following a successful launch and sale of  my debut motivational poetry anthology African Sketches which received tremendous reviews .The brand African Sketches has grown and birthed African Sketches 2.As the journey continues I have with Keith Mpata ( a high school student) authored yet another anthology entitled :"Sketches from my soul".Below is what academics Nqobani Tshabangu and Delta Milayo Ndou ,fellow author NoViolet Bulawayo had to say about the book:
"From the frustrations and hopes of Zimbabwe’s “lost decade” comes the ambitious and socially engaged poems that speak of a generation intent on being heard. At once personal and communal, playful and poignant, nonchalant and conscious, these poems capture both pulse and range of who we are. Njabulo Moyo and Keith Mpata are writers to listen to, and watch." ~NoViolet Bulawayo
"Njabulo Moyo's writing is refreshing, engaging and fluid. His poetry touches on various topics with a critical lens that is bot…


Motivation as is an emotion that propels people to act, think and achieve beyond the obvious. I believe it is spiritual. It gives people the ability to do things even if they don’t feel like doing so .Motivation is action oriented, it raises our expectations in life and makes us want to continue walking towards success. Many people are stuck in a common phase of where and how to start even if they have the motivation to take action. The start is indeed the most challenging phase for "the start is what stops most people."-Don Shula. Motivation as a subject and trait has had significant growth as many people are seeking it.
My experience as a writer/speaker has taught me that it is not only motivation that is key but that which comes beyond motivation. The actions we take after before, during and after being motivated form a cornerstone for greatness. That which you continue doing at a level of self-actualisation and even beyond self -transcendance.When one looks beyond our A…