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I am the African Dream

I am the African dream
I  dream of devolution of power
My dream is that of a life that is not sower
But one that seeks to empower
A kingdom yabantu
A kingdom of men and women with wisdom
A dream of cities with skyscrapping tall buildings threatening to fall
Money making ,nation building,cars skidding
Oh yes !!
This my dream
Our African Dream
Oh Yes i feel the inspiration!

The National Youth Policy under the microscope

BY Njabulo Moyo
May 10, 2011

The Ministry of Youth Development Indigenization and Empowerment has been conducting consultative meetings throughout the country in an effort to review the redundant and inconsistent National Youth Policy. The largest meeting was held in Harare on 15 November 2010, and drew participants from Civic Society, churches as well as political parties amongst scores of young women and men from all over the country. Supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), this particular meeting was meant to be a follow up conference to evaluate the outreach meetings held in other parts of the country. Youth in Bulawayo were given this platform on 7 and 8 October 2010. A Mutare meeting was also held during the SADC Africa Youth Day Festival on the 1st of November 2010. During this festival SADC countries like Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique presented on the youth policy best practices. Zimbabwe’s review comes after concerns were raised that the c…

Zimbabwean Youth and the indispensable quality of leadership: Hope

Human beings are naturally subjected to traumatizing circumstances, moments of frustration, demonization, emptiness and giving up. One wonders what kept men and women such as Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and of late Morgan Tsvangirai going forward despite being exposed to immense opposition. The story is told of Martin Luther King Jnr. who was asked the question, “What would you do if you knew the world was coming to an end tomorrow?” I am sure many of us would have thought of our assets, repentance and spending our last denari for a noble cause. Luther’s answer was, “I would plant an apple tree today.”
Luther answered with hope, hope is about believing that it is worthwhile to plant an apple tree today, even when everyone is else is chopping down those apple trees for firewood. Likewise, our political leaders need to lead with hope. Hope that Zimbabwe can be restored to its status of being the bread basket of Africa. Hope is needed for the nation to prosper and it is para…

Where is the love?

What’s wrong with the world mama? Life is no longer the same It is like a game where only the victor enjoys Whilst the poor are filled with shame Languishing in misery
When I grew up people used to love Oh! How I long for the good old days When the old lady next door used to care When the community used to share When love used to be love.. When one man’s problem was also my problem
Why do we hate? Ask the youth, the doctors, the teachers, the politicians They will say: “poverty is the reason why” Has poverty robbed us of love? Does poverty cause discrimination?
What’s wrong with the world papa? Where is the love? Why do we hate? When the bible teaches us to love
Where is the love when we the youth need it the most? What has happened to the value of humanity? What has happened to the fairness of equality? What has happened to the spirit of fraternity?
I wonder why people have chosen to show their immoral animosity At a when the world needs love the most
Corruption, prostitution, brutality, immorality, de…


My mother, my role model The most beautiful creation That God has ever created
When I was born I cried But you smiled and laughed When life got rough ,you got tough My mother, my role model
When it was time for school It was ice cold and unpleasant But you made me cool You gave me hope that helped me cope
When it was time to marry You made me merry as you loved my wife Mary Who is as beautiful as Hallie Berry You loved my miss right at sight
When my children became a bother You made me stronger My mother, my role model
When you died My joy dried
Now, I realize how hard it was for you to raise me Thank you for the free food Thank you for the free transportation Thank you for the free oxygen That you provided when I was in your womb
No engagement on this Earth can amount to your love My mother, my role model.

By: NJABULO MOYO- “The Bulawayo Dream “ 

Motivation: A bit of hope

The story is told of Martin Luther King Jnr who was asked the question : “what would you do if you knew the world was going to end tomorrow ? Luther’s answer was” I would plant an apple tree today’. Hope is about believing that its is still worthwhile to plant an apple tree today even when everyone else is chopping down those trees foe firewood.
There is no doubt we all need a bit of hope to allow us to soldier on .Hope gives us morale ,hope motivates and gives us the reason to hold on to life , even when we encounter hard times .”Hard times never kill “They are meant to strengthen us .Hope re-energizes us .Hope is a process ,it is what the first Black American president Mr. Barrack Obama possessed until the day of his historical victory . Hope is a choice, everyday we can choose to die or to live .Hope allows us to live life to its fullest no matter hoe daunting the predicament is .Why cantyou have a bit of hope in your life .Hope is a mission that hastoreach a completion


Even though bengilele inhliziyo yami ikhathele People are killing each other ilanga libalele Aliboni ngani na? Ukuthi sokwanele Aliboni ngani na? Ukuthi ukubulalana ngeke kusibhadale Isizwe sesi tshabalele
I have been quiet about this issue kodwa ngcono ngibatshele Ukuthi ukubulalana ngeke kusibhadale It is enough, sokwanele.
Yesterday abantu bebe philisana ngokuncedisana, bebonisana Now sokungu ndoda zibonele Nxa ungafuni ukuthi indubo zikwandele It is enough, sokwanele.
If I had a girl child I was going to call her Kwanele I can imagine ukuthi u Kwanele laye kuzamele aziphandele But still I will work hard to make shine like Evans Gwekerere.

By: NJABULO MOYO- “The Bulawayo Dream”


Poetry is a language It is an art that comes from the heart Poetry is about rhythm, rhyme, metaphors and similes
Poetry bubbles and boils It is about expressions, experiences and emotions It educates, praises, teaches an challenges mankind
Poetry is life!

By: NJABULO MOYO- “The Bulawayo Dream” +263 913 269 824


You are the enemy of autocracy
You bring literacy ekasi (ghetto) Democracy is the rule of the people By the people, for the people Through the people Amandla ebantwini Inhlonipho emphakathini Ubuntu ebantwini
Democracy you are the solution to Africa`s autocracy You are the cousin of liberty, equality and fraternity
Thumbs up to all democrats!! For many souls Have been lost in political battles Many remain with political scars Their hearts are decorated with sores Many have been lost in demonstrations In their plight for social emancipation
Cowards say: in democracy the minority will have their WAY, The majority will have their SAY Alas!! For today we a generation of valiant soldiers Soldiers who won’t bow down Until the majority have their WAY

By Njabulo Moyo The Poetik Activist