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Why i write about motivation (exclusive)

We are motivated so that we can motivate others.motivation is a part of life ,it is your duty .Motivation is the source of hope ,it rejuvinates,challenges ,provokes and gives us a reason to soldier on.Motivation serves as a source of therapy to many souls.Motivation is spiritual ,it works in the inside and informs our outward actions ,it is a transformational leaders` number one software that informs his/her hardware.When you are motivated ,you are a challenge to those who are  dreading sluggards.Many times people say qoutes and we are inspired just for a moment as our hair is raised and we are emotionally moved.The question is: then what?? You see in leadership you take a further step with the motivation or inspiration that you come across,dont just get inspired but convert the inspiration into action.Below i have gathered some quotes from various scholars ,enjoy ,get inspired but most imporatantly take action and let your works inspire others !! 
It was a high counsel that I once he…

let me hold you..

Let me hold you,                      
Even if its for a second ...
Eventhough my body is not perfumed
Eventhough i am not the soapy urban boy with ironed clothes 
For i am a country boy ,,
But it is only  you who can give me that feeling i can enjoy
Just let me hold you
Even if you pretend to be holding me back
Let me hold you with my arms of steel
Let me hold you for a minute
Even if there is no passion
Let me hear your heart beat  ...

The influence in a leader

Every song comes from another song, every leader succeeds another, every story end is the beginning of another, every person is from a successfully fertilised sperm and every story repeats and continues another. Likewise success breeds success and so shall the sperm of success when natured, monitored and groomed well it shall produce success.
The power of influence can only be useful when put into motion , the same applies with leaders who have influence but don’t direct it towards transforming societies. The power of influence however cannot function without the necessary environment.Influencial leaders are people who are able to create a conducive environment for them to exert that influence, they don’t force people to buy into their vision but their works act as a bait to lure followers. Influence is earned over time, remember that there is always competition for it .In the same fashion only a competitive sperm can result in fertilisation. “We are all cut out from the same fabric,…