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Bitter liberty!!

It is the aftermath of a war... But still deep down our hearts it feels low As the battle continues internally As I continue to fight an invisible war My mind is about to blow As horrific images of those we lost are still tattooed in our hearts
Liberty is what we fought for Yes liberty ...sweet liberty!!
The more we drew close to you liberty The more life became tough and rough Now I realise that liberty is as bitter As a rotting lemon...


There is no weapon of mass destruction that threatens the whole universe ,but the lack of visionary leaders does ! Success and vision go hand in hand ,they are like cousens as they form a large part of inspirational leadership.There are those in life that have greatness thrust upon them and their  lives begin on a succes note but when such success lacks a vision it is bound to be vanity and meaningless.Others find the vision and make success out of it.The world has many classical examples of the second group of people with examples ranging from politicians to sportsmen.However which ever comes first you need to leave land  mark of the works of your hands and mind .Stay motivated

From victims to perpetrators...

Peace is not the absence of war Nor is it the non existance of violence For violence breeds violence Violence brews victims
Violence is violent to your: Enemy Brother Sister Mother Father
Violence is violent to one another Violence is the enemy of National Healing In violence victims become perpetrators Perpetrators become victims Violence victimises the vulnerable
It is like a valley of violent thoughts Victimising through vindictive action Craeting a society of selection
Oh ! When shall we taste redemption??