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Toll gate

Tollgate so tall and tormenting Towering the roads
Bullying drivers
Robing the nation of its money
You only know how to take
You take money in all denominations
One dollar ,two dollar,three dollars,four dollars,five dollars
Small cars,haulage trucks, buses and lorries all stop
They all stop to pay for a  stagnant service
Yes stagnant ,for the roads are dead

Our roads are dead and delapidated
Your pockets are fat
Fat ,,and you are phating our drivers money
Toll gate take from the road
But the road has turned into potholes ,
Holes of dust ,holes of accidents... 
You give birth and abort..


Many people world over subscribe to the assertion that: “rules are made to be broken” and such is the story of Danish youths who have a strong craving for practising what one would term creative art work. Bright colours and font are creatively mixed with together to produce very attractive pictures, but these pictures are a practice of illegal art called graffiti. Graffiti is a common practice world over but it is usually in the high density areas. It is an informal medium of expressing welfare dissatisfaction form the government and at times as a means of making a statement about desire to be respected and to express ones pride by inscribing a signature (or tagging in the Danish context) What is striking is the beauty of the artwork and one can hardly pass by without taking a glimpse on the street walls, bridges, shops, cars, trees, and numerous buildings. Ironically this form of visual art work is illegal and lucrative at the same time and to a certain extent explains the desire by …