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Last Friday: Sketches from My Soul, BOOK LAUNCH

·28 October, 2013 ·Written by  Chris Nqoe
Rain is considered a considered a good sign in African culture and tradition. In equal comparison, time is really not a concept that’s respected by people of African descent.  Now imagine our surprise this past Friday, when right on cue, 5PM to be precise, the heavens above Bulawayo opened up to bless our thirsty city with torrential rain.  The random event organiser would have been caught in a panic, praying to God to cease the floodgates of Heaven and ensure invited guests made it to the Sketches from My Soul book launch at the Bulawayo Theatre. Now picture what actually transpired at the venue of the launch, right under the pouring rain. Guests were instead seemingly oblivious to the rain, posing for close to three photographers on the red carpet, capturing moments that will become WhatsApp avatars and Facebook profile pictures. Book lovers, the literati, media,  poets and Bulawayo’s young socialites came out in force for Njabulo Moyo’s officia…


After successfully launching the debut motivational Poetry anthology African Sketches which sold out locally and internationally on Amazon and Google Reads .The motivational speaker/author Njabulo Moyo launches yet another collection entitled "Sketches from my soul " which was reviewed by American based Cain Book Price award winning author NoViolet Bulawayo,Delta Milayo Ndou and South African based Novuyo Rosa Tshuma. Meet the African Sketches 2: Sketches from my soul. Interact with the scribbles that define our humanity. The anthology is a social and political commentary. The language is highly accessible which is a good thing as the modern poet shrugs off centuries of ancient stereotype poetry. That is difficult and therefore not for the ordinary man on the street. The extracts from the second publication contain fresh produce from the heart of this fast growing poetic calabash whose style of writing is uniquely contemporary, cross- cultural with a touch of motivation that…

Gender Questions

Why murder a woman? Why bruise her face? Deforming her beauty burn her heart Painting it with permanent scars Dark spots of fear

No to gender based violence, No to victimization of women,
It is like a vehicle of emotional roller coasters An act of animosity A reflection of national immorality
The highest order of cruelty
Who are you to kill God`s creation? A simple resemblance of your imperfection; You are such an eye sore, You man with no sense of pride All you do is to ride on patriarchy Ride on women's different strength
Mistaking it for a weakness
Violence turns victims into perpetrators, it breeds a brood of vile vipers
Cold blooded and ruthless