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Does the world still have visionary leaders?

Visionary leaders are people who do not just paint a picture, but those that paint it and explain it! The whole essence of visionary leadership is rooted in one`s ability to effectively share their vision to others in such that even in their absence what they sought to achieve is achieved by others. The good thing about vision sharing is that you do not need to be there for your vision to be achieved. Most importantly you have to tackle all limitations and turn your tragedies into triumphs. The world has its own standards of determining hero and heroine status but to me it is those leaders that have turned their tragedies into triumphs and dark nights into victory that I believe deserve the status. A blind man`s world is bounded by the limits of his touch; an ignorant man`s world by the limits of his knowledge; a great man`s world by the limits of his vision .Paul Harvey What is vision? Brief story about Helen Keller Helen Keller was not born blind or deaf; instead, it was not until she h…


Let the drummers drum the drums Let them tell the untold African tales 
Let them unite our umbilical cords with the soil

Let the fathers of ubuntu arise 
No demise 

Listen to the praise poets
Feel the rhythm 
Dance to the rhyme   Celebrate blackenes From Blackness to greatness

Cultural collision,
Cultural correctness
Correcting the past 
Connecting with the future 

We feast 
Here we won`t fast 
It`s a festival 
Food for the soul 
Sensual healing 
There is romance Love and laughter