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Smile for me !!

A smile confuses an approaching frown .It makes the heart forget it`s troubles .In the process it catalyses the pumping speed  of the adrenaline of joy .Giving to the world brings a smile and enables you to give a little bit of laughter.Many of us are not givers because we are blinded by the thought that one can only express love and appreciation by giving out money.Money is said to be power but power without life changing actions never changes the world positivly.To change lives we need to have a great amount of ambition for without ambition you are like a wardrobe without jeans.Without ambition you will go no where!Everyone has got ambition ,the question is how far you will take yours ?  

Walk on those thorns !

Life is like a journey that has thorny routes and roads but those same routes need people like YOU and me to walk on them for the sake of the emancipation of future generations.As I journey in this my life I dedicate every victory to generations to come.Knowing that the flood gates of success are open ,its time we entered!We can only enter when we stand up and take action .Our duty as the current genaration is to walk on those thorns becuase there so many others who have walked on those dark paths simple fo the sake of creatin a better life not for their children but fo rthe whole world .If you want a bright future start cultivating in now .The challenge if for you to play your part ! Steve Jobs invented Apple ,Marck Zuckerberg created facebook,Stevie Wonder gave the music industry a touch of flair ,Robert Woodruff invented Coca-Cola.What are you inventing?What will future generations benefit from you?. I for one have started working on two products which are writing books and motivat…

I love her

When it cold outside
You make me warm inside
I pray that you don`t take long to decide
To take me as i am 
For in you my heart resides

Love me... 
I will be your disciple
Care for me... 
I will be the shepherd of your soul
Like Paul i will religiously die for you
kiss me... 
i will be your soul provider
Hold my hand ...
I will hold on to our love
Walk with me ...
We will create history

Speaking to the future

njabulomoyo@njabulomoyo Inspirational young published author of the book AFRICAN SKETCHES .i believe that: motivation is spiritual,leadership is viral zimbabwe ·