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Its time to unleash
Unleash the greatness in you !
Unleash the greatness in me !
There is nomore room so sadness
There is  no space to groom lazyness
Unleash and stay motivated for greatness! There can only be one you
That one you, is you
It all begins with you
Its from you to others

"Integrity is the heart of character"

Complete integrity has to encompass humanity.It is centered on humanity for humanity comes from being human being.Integrity then distiguishes one human being from another ,it is a trait that every leader has to posses or at least strive to have.Leaders with integrity are honest,reliable,truthfull and upright.They have a personal image to build and protect.Integrity is not gained from college or university but it is a leadership element that one has to self -cultivate for it has a lot to do with firm adherence to moral uprightness."Integrity is the heart of character" .It builds trust,facilitates the setting up of higher   standards and does not compromise.

Money :Is it the greatest source of motivation?

Some call it cash money,imali, muler ,some say its the love of it is the root of all evil whilst others say it makes the world go around.The most interesting thing about money is that some of us cannot leve without it and neither can they live with it for to them its a case of "more money more problems" .Over the years,scholars have argued that: "the greatest source of motivation is money.Well we all need money as a means of exchange and to facilitate trade transactions and a store of value .However ,to a greater extent money has failed to motivate many people for  the greatest motivator is a strong, clear and passionate vision. This surpasses the desire for money or any gain whatsoever!Money cannot buy you a vision but a clear vision can get you money.

The power of action .Act Now !!

Success lies not in your potential, but your perfomance.We are judged based on what we are doing now and not what we are capable of doing later ,so do the best now, don`t reserve it for the future.The future is influenced by the present ,thus there is a relationship between what we invest in now and what we might probably get .So act now for procastination is indeed a lazy man`s apology.