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African Sketches We sketch We scotch Like a scotch-cart Slowly they follow They are scared In fear they scream

Inspired by Rose

I stand
I stood

By your side like an aide
I stand not because i have stood here before
I stand because you understand

I stand here though my heart is in pain
I won't complain
I stand by your side
Though  dry times
Winter and rain

I stand here
Inside the warmth of your heart
There is true love that i cannot fight

You are my joy through the pain
The apple of my eye
The eye in my Iphone
The berry in my Blackberry
The something in my Samsung

You are so handy  like a  Nokia
To my heart you bring good tidings like a G-Tide

I stand here even though many have told me to move
To leave
To cowardly run away

I stand here...
To my heart you are

My journey through the African Sketches

"Motivation is spiritual leadership is viral" is a personal statement that I live with, it defines who I am and summarizes my life purpose as a motivational/leadership writer. Now that the book African Sketches has been launched and published, I have set a standard and have left a land mark in the field of writing. The book is my gift to the world .What many people have been interested in ,is how I did it .On that note let me shed some light and say that it is the process that matters the most that the results. I have learnt a lot in the process of writing especially the editing part of it. This is largely because when you write and get to a point where you are content but an editor (in this case Christopher Mlalazi) disagrees with part of your line of thinking and gets some  work deleted in a process called removing the dead wood .This was a painfull process but it was for the best and i ahve learnt that we write better when we allow for critcism and opinion for at the end …