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Creating Valuable People Relations part 1

Most organizations are evaluated using the value of assets that the organization has.  People are busy valuing their worth using the financial and material possessions that they have. This is an easy way of evaluating the worth of an organization that can be easily ascertained and accepted across board. While money and possessions determine our worth there is one great resource which is the base and foundation of all resources that a lot of people hardly consider if at all they consider it. This foundation and basic resource is the Human Capital/ Resource of an individual or organizations. Many contemporary writers and authorities on leadership and management have grasped this fundamental truth and now prescribe it to organizations and leaders whom they advise. John C Maxwell always say that, “everything rises and falls on leadership.”  I totally subscribe to his assertion. It is a leader’s attitude towards his people that determines the productivity of his people. There are leaders wh…

Real change,,changes

Real change goes beyond changing your own life, it happens when you positively impact on other people`s lives. True leaders reach self-actualization when they have fully transformed the lives of those in need, of those whom they are not even related too ,those who have never cared nor thought about them, those who are marginalized ,those who are vulnerable. When you shape the lives of other people by contributing to the fulfilment of their vision, you have actually made positive impact .You have actually planted a seed of continuity in terms of leaders who can transform people’s lives. When someone touches and positively impacts in your life, the best you can ever do is to impact on others, to create a cycle of impact .In the end it is about what you give out to the world that matters and not what you get from it.