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Insight into my third book : "Motivating the Inner Soul"

This compendium of wise sayings, teachings, philosophy and life experiences is aptly titled, Motivating the Inner Soul, for indeed it simply does that. The analytic reflection on everyday themes of leadership, vision, hope, happiness, love, faith and motivation is quite refreshing and leaves the reader profoundly transformed. Also, this work is simple and straightforward making it user-friendly to the various classes of its readership. It is very likely, perhaps by design that each reader would come out with a different story from this book. In motivating the inner soul of each individual different life experiences and one’s goals in life would most likely result in differential motivation per individual. It is, as the author says that life is like reading a book, every page raises a question and an answer. The inner self is brought to the fore. While this work motivates and inspires at the same time, it provokes questions that have dominated history without agreed solutions. The issue…