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Waiting for the rain

Charles Mungoshi in his book "Waiting for the rain" alludes to various themes in contemporary African affairs ranging from personal desire to  achieve, self emancipation , cultural independence, colonial freedom and the struggles of family disintegration amongst other themes .The key point being that as human beings we go through phases and processes which take time ,courage and patience .We leave our lives waiting for moments of breakthrough for the moments of break though are seemingly also waiting for those that are patient, resilient and take action towards making their lives and those of others better. Our lives are like the water cycle with water being a critical ingredient for our existence. Likewise we meet challenges that take long to be overcome, we thirst, we are discouraged and hopeless but to those who wait, it surely rains and when it rains it’s up to us to harvest the water. We choose the size of the harvesting container and it’s up to us to see opportunities and move forward with them. As it rains in the country, let it also rain in your life Let promises be fulfilled, let life begin as you face your challenges knowing that it’s a battle and for it to be won sacrifices have to be made .The clouds are a symbol of hope, the lightning represents those scary moments we encounter before success, the rain drops are like clues that for a lifetime puzzle, so the more the drops the nearer we are to achieving our goals. The lightning moments are there to raise fear, to try and test us .Our life task is to raise hope and walk towards success, for indeed the road may be thorny but that same road requires people like you to walk on it! Waiting for the rain is patience, the act of us predicting it is those trying times we go through to an extent of nearly giving up, even if it comes at its own time, it still rains!.Nothing will stop an idea whose time has come; nothing that is something will stop what God has planned for you, what He has planted in us we need to water through our actions, thoughts and aspirations. Therefore submit your plans to the Lord and all the desires of our heart shall come into existence. For like a raging storm nothing can stop us from receiving our blessings even if the devil attacks and plants doubt in our minds  

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"Integrity is the heart of character"

Complete integrity has to encompass humanity.It is centered on humanity for humanity comes from being human being.Integrity then distiguishes one human being from another ,it is a trait that every leader has to posses or at least strive to have.Leaders with integrity are honest,reliable,truthfull and upright.They have a personal image to build and protect.Integrity is not gained from college or university but it is a leadership element that one has to self -cultivate for it has a lot to do with firm adherence to moral uprightness."Integrity is the heart of character" .It builds trust,facilitates the setting up of higher   standards and does not compromise.