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The rise and rise of Bulawayo’s motivational speaker

by Sunday News Reporter Sunday, Dec 13, 2015 | 420 views
Mbongeni Msimanga
BULAWAYO’S young motivational speaker and writer, Njabulo Moyo continues to rise on the academic ladder, with his latest offering, Motivating the Inner Soul being well received by some of Zimbabwe’s prominent scholars.
The scholars include the likes of Dr Samukele Hadebe, Dr Sithembile Mahlathini and Ferdinand Lawson.
Moyo said this was the first time for any of his books to receive so many accolades.

“I am so much humbled by the reviews I have received from various academics, whom I understand are endorsing my latest literature works. This is the first time I have received so many accolades for a single book,” he said.
The pint-sized Moyo believes there is still space for motivational speaking to rise as an industry, given the economic hardships that most people in the country are facing.
“I believe the economic hardships that people are going through; especially the youth shows that there is space for motivational speaking. The family institution itself, for example is broken and motivational speaking can be used as a stimulus to direct certain behavior,” said Moyo.Moyo said there was a need for young authors to publish books that tell the African experience.Moyo who recently broke into the international scene, courtesy of Lion Heart Publishers, said it was time for young authors to go global.“I believe it is time for young authors to publish books that will tell the African perspective and go global,” he said.
Moyo has managed to provide motivational speeches at different platforms in Sweden, Denmark and Lebanon.Moyo also became one of the youngest speakers to motivate leaders in the corporate world, after he gave a moving speech at a function organised by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).Moyo was in June last year appointed the African Young Writers Association (AYWA) director for Zimbabwe.
AYWA is a youth organisation based in the Ghanaian capital, Accra and seeks to create a platform for young African writers to share stories about the craft.
Part of the organisation’s activities include participation in book fairs, acting as a literary agent, spearheading rural outreach and literacy programmes, advocacy works, publishing, and yearly compilations of writings.
Moyo has also been involved in motivational talk at schools such as Mzilikazi High, St Gabriel’s and Metro College under the Junior Council banner and Rotary International
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